a communication between patterns


I look around
& what do I C?

@ every angle curved

but what does it exactly
mean ?

in my-Self
& in this inner city

in the corner of my I
light chases sound,
or is it the other way around?

apple fallen from Tree (of Life)
for Universal bite,

leaves pass by from beyond
that signify hopeful tendency,
create a web of remembrance
equal as forgetfulness

{did I remember to take my pills?}

@ the center of attention
mirror reflects without any depth
& creeps on skin, cold with no intention

quite simply put
it’s quite simply too much…

phase thru cycles 
that pass as empty highways

& cityscape to escape in,
panoramic visions
give rise to horizons
that crawl separately

as layers scrolling from afar,
while fireworks indicate We have
reason to celebrate,
but is there something to prove…

for who if not just for my-Self
did I start drunk
or sober,
recovering to start over

at some meter
in the middle
between the grays
of Love & hate

fine lines blur to become
the outlines of what I
begin with no ending

{must be no beginning then either}

where I learn
to become
far too numb

to U,

Now (woN)

{this I guess I know
to be real}

I look all around
all I C in everything is Me,
even at the edge of sight
tucked away

"turn around & face the strange"

it must start somewhere

right here

go back in

it is where I am